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Prior to graduating from Vanderbilt University, flutist Rama Kumaran became the youngest-ever winner of the American National Flute Association’s Young Artist Competition. He has a Masters in Music with a specialization in historical flutes from the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. Rama’s current work includes cross-disciplinary storytelling, creative research, and a long-running collaboration with TV and film composer Herman Beeftink. He is passionate about his teaching studio, where he connects the disciplines of STEM and the humanities with the Boulanger lineage of music pedagogy, which he is proud to represent. Passion projects have included voice-acting and encoding children’s books into Braille, teaching a kids’ seminar on cinematography, and coaching Shakespeare with the Leadership Education Mentoring Institute.

He has released a studio album, Seeing It Through, and enjoys talking about his projects in interviews and radio broadcasts. Past teachers include Kersten McCall, Jed Wentz, Molly Barth, Jeff Coffin, Michael Rose, Carl Smith, Marianne Ploger, Leslie Fagan, Philip Dikeman, Tracy Harris, Karen Hansen, and Lovina Leon.

Amsterdam, Netherlands